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Pelion Culture, Saily Hotel: Koropi beach Pelion Volos Magnesia Greece
Pelion Culture, Saily Hotel: Koropi beach Pelion Volos Magnesia Greece
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Educational Tours in Greece for International Students

"Pelion Culture" specializes in educational and thematic tours related to Greek culture, history, and archaeology. We offer our services to students and faculty from North American Colleges, Universities, and High-Schools visiting Greece as part of their curriculum. Our local licensed tour guides and archaeologists hold PhD degrees and have a long and diverse teaching experience.

Our services:

  • We provide local licensed tour guides to escort your group throughout or for part of your trip and offer comprehensive and fully updated tours of archaeological sites, museums, and historic monuments
  • We help you design your itinerary based on your curriculum. Whether historical, religious, mythological, or archaeological in its focus we have recommendations to make that suit your educational goals and budget
  • We organize seminars and lectures on topics of academic interest for the students
  • We propose cultural and social events to attend based on your interests, the season and region you are visiting

"Pelion Culture" is based in Volos, Thessaly, the port at the foot of Pelion Mt where the Argonauts set sail in quest of the Golden Fleece. While we provide tours to virtually anywhere in the country, our main area of operation and expertise is central and northern Greece, a culturally rich region that boasts a great number of UNESCO sites and monuments, the earliest farming communities in Europe (Sesklo, Dimini), significant recent archaeological discoveries, multicultural traditions, diverse architecture, and exquisite gastronomy.

Contact us to learn more about our 2018 Suggested Itinerary:

"Journey to the Land of Alexander & Aristotle"

You will visit:

  • Philippi, the newest UNESCO site in Greece
  • The recently excavated tomb at Amphipolis
  • The American excavation at Olynthos
  • Stageira, the birthplace of Aristotle
  • The Palace of Galerius and the spectacular Byzantine churches in Thessaloniki
  • The Royal Tombs at Vergina
  • The Sanctuary of Zeus at Dion where Philip II and Alexander the Great celebrated their victories
  • Mt Olympus, the home of the Greek Gods
  • Meteora
  • The Neolithic Sites of Sesklo & Dimini

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